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All of our plant based items are free from items containing animal meat, dairy, eggs and honey.  We do not cut our plant based pizzas to avoid the possibility of cross contamination

Now offering plant based, gluten free
crust for an additional charge. 
Small pizza sizes only

Plant Based White Pizza

Our delicious dough with spices, Follow Your Heart

plant based cheese,onions and plum tomatoes

Personal $12.92   Small $21.79   Large $29.16

Plant Based Cheezy Bread


Plant Based Cheese Pizza

Comes with your choice of olive oil or plant based sauce
Follow Your Heart plant based cheese

Personal $11.61    Small $18.49    Large $27.97

Plant Based Grazzone

A huge pizza pocket stuffed with Follow Your Heart

cheese and plant based sauce.  





*additional charge for extra items and extra cheese








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