Personal  $8.50   Small $16.85   Large $24.25   Sheet $44.20
Hawaiian Pizza
Our special pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese, topped w/ham & pineapple chunks.
White Pizza
Olive oil, garlic, Romano and mozzarella cheese, onions & tomato.
Spinach Pizza
Garlic crust, ricotta cheese, garlic spread, Romano cheese, oregano, spinach & tomatoes smothered w/our three-cheese blend.
Mashed Potato Pizza
Our garlic crust, mashed potatoes mixed w/sour cream, blended cheese, bacon topped w/chives - "Just like a twice baked potato."
Breakfast Pizza

Our delicious garlic butter crust, covered in eggs, blended w/cheese & topped w/Sahlen's ham.

Stuffed Hot Pepper Pizza

Our delicious garlic crust, homemade stuffing, hot banana peppers, topped w/provolone cheese.

Personal  $8.99   Small $17.75   Large $26.40   Sheet $46.25

Veggie Pizza

Our special pizza sauce, three cheese blend, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes & onions.
Chicken White Pizza
Our already delicious White Pizza w/chicken & spinach.
Chicken Ranch Pizza
Delicious garlic ranch crust, covered w/our three-cheese blend, smothered w/chicken, sweet peppers & onions.
Taco Pizza
Delicious taco sauce covered w/our three-cheese blend, topped w/seasoned beef, black olives & tomatoes, then covered w/shredded lettuce after it is baked.
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Our special pizza sauce combined w/our three-cheese blend, grilled chicken fajita strips (all white meat), sweet peppers & onions.
Steak Hoagie Pizza
A delicious garlic crust covered w/chopped USDA black Angus steak, mushrooms, onions & sweet peppers, then smothered w/our three cheese blend.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Our homemade sauce, bleu cheese, topped w/mozzarella cheese, sliced chicken fingers dipped in hot sauce.
Chicken Finger Pizza
Our special pizza sauce, combined w/our three cheese blend then topped w/sliced chicken fingers

Meat Lovers Pizza

Our special pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage & bacon

Personal  $9.95   Small $17.98    Large $26.73   Sheet $46.10 

Stinger Pizza
Our famous sub turned into a pizza. Bleu cheese base smothered w/sautéed onions, topped w/steak, chicken fingers dipped in our delicious medium wing sauce, topped w/Swiss, American & mozzarella cheeses.      
Chicken Parmesan Pizza
Garlic butter base, our famous special sauce, chicken fingers topped w/provolone cheese.

Greek Pizza
Greek dressing, onions, black olives, tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese & your choice of marinated steak or chicken.